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no, Pokemon don't evolve there they jut grow levels

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Q: Can a Pokemon evolve in the day care center in Pokemon fire red?
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What stones evolve pearl Pokemon?

Well, this may not be helpful, but Fire stones evolve some fire Pokemon... Sun stones also evolve fire Pokemon, (Fire stone, Thunder stone and Water stone also evolve "Eevee", the Pokemon you get after completing sinnoh dex.

How do you evolve tangela in Pokemon fire red?

Tangela does not evolve in Fire Red.

What does a Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond evolve with a fire stone?

A total of three Pokemon evolve using the Fire Stone: Vulpix, Eevee, and Growlithe.

What level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon fire red?

you can also drop it off at the daycare center for a while hey somethings wrong i put it in day care its level 21 and not evolving wut happened Answer: It doesn't evolve by itself in daycare, it will evolve when you level it one level whilst it is in your party.

In Pokemon crystal version does a poliwag evolve with a fire stone?

no it does not evolve with a fire stone.

What is a fire stone used on?

A fire stone is used on certain Pokemon to make them evolve. The Pokemon that evolve with a fire stone are: ~Evee ~Vulpix ~Growlithe

Which Pokemon do you put with Garchomp in the day care center to make it learn fire fang?


Which pokemon does a fire stone evolve?

it can evolve eevee into a flareon.

What Pokemon evolve by yousing the fire stone in Pokemon black?

pansear the fire monkey pokemon

Levels Pokemon evolve on Pokemon fire red?

It depends on the pokemon.

When does growlith evolve on Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

Fire Stone

What Pokemon evolve with a fire stone on Pokemon white?