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i dont know the exact episode but right after goku thought he killed freza

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Q: What episode of dbz is trunks introduced?
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What episode does little trunks learn to walk?

DBZ episode 193

What episode does Mecha Frieza get destroyed by Trunks in DBZ Kai?

DBZ Kai episode 56

In which episode of DBZ does Future Gohan get killed by the androids?

The Dragon Ball Z Chapter that Future Gohan gets killed in by the Androids is in the Trunks Saga, the episode is called The History of Trunks!

Does trunks like chichi?

Believe it or not he actually does if you watch Dbz Kai in one of the episodes when Krillen and Trunks goes to Goku's house trunks at chichi with a love smile go to to see its episode 66

How do you get trunks in dbz budokai 2?

defeat vegita on namak with small trunks

What episode does hercule Satan slipped at the arena on dbz?

That never happened. In the Buu saga, Kid Trunks knocks Satan into a brick wall.

What episode does cell come in on dbz?

Gohan kills cell, but afterwards there is an episode where trunks returns to the future and kills android 17, 18 and Cell, if that's what you are referring to. Episode: 179 "Free The Future".

Who is trunks best friend gohan or goten?

In Dbz it is goten, but in the dbz movie history of future trunks its gohan cause since goku got sick goten was never born and gohan was trunks' mentor!

What is super saiyan trunks power level?

100000000 in dbz gt what part all what version you asked? example dbz kai dbz gt dbz dbz af and more.

How old is gohan when future trunks come to the past?

Gohan is 7 when Trunks first appears in DBZ.

Which season of DBZ is Trunks first shown?

In season 4

Who killed frieza in dbz?

First goku killed frieza on planet Namek then his dad fixed him and trunks (future trunks) killed him.