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pansear the fire monkey pokemon

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Q: What Pokemon evolve by yousing the fire stone in Pokemon black?
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What pokemon evolve with a dusk stone in pokemon black?

lampent evolve litwick

What does a shiny stone evolve in Pokemon black?

You can evolve minnicino

What Pokemon can evolve with a leaf stone in Pokemon Black and White?

Pansage will evolve by using a Leaf Stone into Simisage.

What Pokemon evolve with stones in Pokemon Black and White?

Petilil will evolve with a sun stone, pansage with a leaf stone, panpour with a water stone, and pansear will evolve with a fire stone.

What Pokemon evolve with the shiny stone on Pokemon Black?


What level does panpour evolve on pokemon black?

you can't, you have to evolve it with a stone

What Pokemon does a dusk stone evolve in Pokemon black?

Lampent to Chandelure.

What Pokemon in Pokemon black evolve by stone?

pansear, pansage and panpour

What does the shiny stone evolve in Pokemon black?


What can you evolve with a moon stone in Pokemon Black?

You can use it evolve Munna into Musharna.

What Pokemon evolves with a fire stone on Pokemon black?

Pansear uses a fire stone to evolve into Simisear.

How do you evolve munna on Pokemon black or white without using a moon stone?

It needs a Moon Stone to evolve.