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You can find Lugia, the legendary dogs/ Suicune, Enti, and Raichu, and I think Ho-Ho

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The three legendary dogs and Lugia, mostly.

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Q: What rare Pokemon can you find in Pokemon silver?
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Where can you find a rare candy on Pokemon Silver?

where do i find rare candies?where do i find this item? i want to evole my quilava to lv36!

Where to find skarmory in Pokemon soul silver?

Route 45(Rare)

Where are rare candies in Pokemon soul silver?

you can find rare candies anywere in kanto and johto. You just have to be lucky

Where do you find likatounge on Pokemon soul silver?

I can't remember the specfic route but he is very rare Pokemon to find hes like 1 of 342 something like that but very rare

Where do you find flaffy on Pokemon Silver?

Flaaffy are rare to find but go to the route connecting the lake of rage and mahogany town

How many Pokemon rare in Pokemon Silver?

there are only 8 rare Pokemon in soul silver (articuno,zapdose,lugia,entay,hoho,rioku,moltress,suikune)

How do you know which routes the 3 rare dogs are on in Pokemon silver?

you find out when you meet the guy who is looking for suicune

What shiny Pokemon can you find in Pokemon silver?

The red Gyarados (100%) because it is there and it is awesomely shiny any other Pokemon can be shiny too it's just too dang rare I SAID RARE NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Where Do Find Pikachu On Soul Silver?

It's a rare Pokemon this time around and can only be found in viridian forest

Can you catch remoraid in Pokemon silver without outbreak?

Yes, just fish at Route 44, but it is rare to find.

Where do you catch larvitar in Pokemon Silver?

You get it in Mt.Silver (Rare)

Where are rare candys on Pokemon SoulSilver?

mt silver