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I would say yes judging by the reviews of it. And with a dodgy Chinese developer name it doesn't bode well. Don't waste ur money.

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Q: Is the new My Lock Screen app a fake app?
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How do you delete your account from an app?

The easiest way to delete an account from an app is to completely delete the app and then download it again if you would like to make a new account. This will also delete any lingering files or file extensions associated with the app.

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Games two people can play at home?

When it comes to addictive lock screen games on Nostra Games, you're in for a treat! Lock screen games offer a fun way to pass the time whenever you unlock your phone. From classic puzzle games to exciting arcade challenges, there's something for everyone. One popular category of lock screen games is puzzle games. These brain-teasers keep you engaged and entertained with their challenging levels and clever gameplay mechanics. Whether you enjoy matching colors, solving riddles, or connecting dots, puzzle lock screen games are sure to keep you hooked. Another addictive category is endless runner games. These adrenaline-pumping Nostra Games challenge you to navigate through obstacles and collect coins while racing against the clock. With their fast-paced action and simple controls, endless runner lock screen games are perfect for quick gaming sessions on the go. For those who prefer strategy games, there are plenty of options available on Nostra Games. These games require careful planning and decision-making to outsmart your opponents and conquer new territories. Whether you're defending your castle from invaders or leading an army to victory, strategy lock screen games offer a satisfying gameplay experience. In conclusion, lock screen games on Nostra Games offer a diverse range of addictive gaming experiences. Whether you're into puzzles, endless runners, or strategy games, you're sure to find something that keeps you coming back for more. So why wait? Dive into the world of lock screen gaming and discover your new favorite pastime!

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How I earn $50 Paypal Cash via App Trailers 1.Download the popular app: [ App Trailers ] from the App Store or android market from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone 2. Then IMPORTANT: GO to VIDEOS Section and then Enter Bonus Code: megapointboost 3.Thats it Earn and Redeem Points and Cash out via Paypal!

Why is my new app gray and why will it not load?

If your new app is grey or white that means you either: didn't download it right(that means you might have had some interruptions) or it didn't download successfully. You can try downloading it again if it is grey or white.

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Keep the the lock botton pressed for several seconds (2sec). A message will appear on the screen to confirm the new settings

What is the difference between badges and alerts for iPhone notifications?

Alerts are the small windows which pop up over the running app or the lock screen, the have some text and either one or two buttons on it. Badges are small red circles or ovals with white numbers on them, they appear over the app icon and signal number of new messages/emails/updates/games where it is your turn/etc.

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