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you need sugar cane the take a crafting table and put it like this

_ _ _

_ _ _

s s s


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Q: What is the ingredients to make paper on Minecraft?
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How do you make a book in Minecraft 1.3.1?

[blank] [blank] [blank] [paper] [paper] [blank] [leather] [paper] [blank]

What ingredients make up sandpaper?

Sand, paper and glue.

How can you make those awesome fireworks the people have on Minecraft servers?

You have to have paper

How do you make paper or cardboard cow?

There are many printable nets available online to make a paper or cardboard cow. You could try searching for the net to make a Minecraft cow.

What are the ingredients in viva paper towel brands?

What are the ingredients in viva paper towels

How do you make a book in Minecraft?

The crafting recipe for books in minecraft was first changed in version 1.3.1. It is now crafted with 3 Paper; 1 Leather.

How do you you make a map in minecraft?

It requires 1 compass and 8 paper. Put the compass in the center of the crafting table and surround it completely with the paper.

How do you build a map on minecraft pe?

For this answer one might look on SuperCheats. So far with research I have found no way to make a map from a paper in minecraft pocket edition. The only thing I have found is how to make a book.

What is the number for paper on minecraft?

The ID number for paper is 339

How do you write on paper Minecraft?

You can't write on paper on Minecraft. However, you can write in books by adding an ink sac and a feather to them.

What are the ingredients in Viva paper towels?

it is maybe recycled paper

What can you make with paper in minecraft?

You can make paper into books which can be made into bookshelfs, Enchanting tables ect ect In the 1.3 version coming out at the start of august you can write in books and sign them to have your own virtual model.