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Two ways, be a pro and make it yourself, or go to insert and search it in free models

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Q: How do you get the helicopter tool on your place on Roblox?
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How do you steer a helicopter in roblox?

Usually you would have to use a helicopter tool

How do you fly a helicopter in roblox?

y go forward x stop and the tool to turn

How do you drive helicopters in roblox?

You use the heli or helicopter tool and press "y" to go and "x" to stop.

How do you fly up in a helocopter in roblox?

Get in the helicopter, select the flying tool, hold down y then click the mouse where you want to go.

How do you fly helicopters on roblox?

You use the helicopter tool, Press "y" to fly on your key board an if you can shoot, then you press "f" to fire.

How do you fly a plane and a helicopter on roblox?

Well there are many different ways to fly different helis and planes in ROBLOX, PM bigboy5668 on ROBLOX and in the message say what heli or place.

How do you shoot from a helicopter on Roblox?

press 'f'

How do you fly a helicopter in army tycoon on roblox?

I have no idea4

How do you spawn whith a tool in roblox?

In roblox studio you insert a spawn of course. Next, you add a tool you want people to spawn with and press yes to "would you like to place this item in the starterpack or in 3D view?"

Why wont the insert button work on roblox?

you cant use the insert tool in someone elses game u have to "build" in your own place to use it and you need roblox studio then you will get the insert key.

How do you control a helicopter on roblox?

There should be a tool on the game that will let u, after you have it on and ur in the helicopter hold down your button and press Y (not in chat)! The Y starts up your engine and X shuts it down, in a game where the heli fires missles then you press F!

What is a car tool in Roblox?

a tool that helps you drive