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[blank] [blank] [blank]

[paper] [paper] [blank]

[leather] [paper] [blank]

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Q: How do you make a book in Minecraft 1.3.1?
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How do you make a book in tekkit?

You can make a book in normal minecraft...

How do you make a book in minecraft 1.4.5?

book then feather then ink sack

How do you make a pen in Minecraft?

To write in a book, you don't need a pen. You just start typing. There is no pen in vanilla Minecraft.

How do you make a recipie book in Minecraft?

If you have the recipe book mod installed, you craft it with 1 ink sac and 1 book.

How do you build a bookshelf in Minecraft?

Make in a crafting table; plank,plank,plank book, book, book plank, plank,plank

How do you make a written book in Minecraft?

In Minecraft 1.3.1, they added the book & quill item that lets you write and edit a book in Minecraft vanilla. If you combine a book (gotten from 3 papers and a leather) with a feather (dropped by chickens when killed) and an ink sac (dropped from squid when killed), you will get a book & quill that you can write in. You're welcome for the info!

How do you make a note pad on Minecraft?

You place a box of 8 wooden planks with redstone dust in the middle.

How do you make a book in Minecraft?

The crafting recipe for books in minecraft was first changed in version 1.3.1. It is now crafted with 3 Paper; 1 Leather.

How do you read a book in minecraft?

You can't but you prolly will able to in future.

What can you make with a fether in Minecraft?

You should be able to craft a arrow and in the next update you will also be able to make a book and quill.

What is the answer to page 131 graphing linear equations?

Uhm....Page 131 of what book?Dare say there's several MILLION different books with page 131.

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