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It requires 1 compass and 8 paper. Put the compass in the center of the crafting table and surround it completely with the paper.

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Q: How do you you make a map in minecraft?
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How to make your minecraft custom map without minecraft map editor?

You can make a custom map on minecraft with out a map editor by building or demolishing certain land features or you can use a seed by typing your seed in the bottom box on the "create new world" menu.

Can you make an image of your minecraft world map on the Xbox 360?


Can you make a map of the nether in Minecraft?

No, Only The Surface World.

Can someone make me a Minecraft server?

We cannot make you a Minecraft server. We can only give you the map to play until you quit or you make a server of your own.

How many blocks across is a Minecraft map?

If you're talking about a Minecraft world, there is no limit. The world keeps randomly generating. If you're talking about the map item, it changes. As of 1.4 you can expand a map to make it show more blocks.

How do you make a creative map on minecraft a survival map with the buildings made in creative mode?

Build the map on Creative Mode then go to and upload your level.dat for the map on the Change Survival to Creative option. You should then download the new level.dat. Replace it with the old level.dat and when you start Minecraft, you should see that it is now a survival map.

Are adventure maps on Minecraft mods?

Some might, but an adventure map is a MAP, not a mod. Just search for "adventure map" on Google or the Minecraft Forum.

How do I play a map on minecraft after I download it?

Go to the minecraft folder in your files, press saves, and drag the map into the saves folder.

How do you build a map on minecraft pe?

For this answer one might look on SuperCheats. So far with research I have found no way to make a map from a paper in minecraft pocket edition. The only thing I have found is how to make a book.

Can you get Minecraft skylands without Minecraft?

no because that's a map and you need Minecraft to install it in your Mincraft

What is Minecraft skyblock?

Minecraft Skyblock Survival is a custom map for Minecraft. In it, you are on a very small block of dirt with one tree and a chest with supplies in it. You can make a cobblestone generator and use the cobblestone to build and prosper.

How do you install minecraft maps on windows 7?

Open the start menu and type in %APPDATA% then open the .minecraft folder next go into the saves folder then drop your folder that contains the map in it within the saves Run Minecraft and check if the level name comes up if it does play it if not make sure the map is in a regular folder, not a zip or rar make sure that the level data is not in a sub-folder of the map folder