How Video games affect your hand?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can get Authritis and you can kill nerves from playing the PSP to much (if u have 1 then u no your hand that you dont right with gets numb).

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Q: How Video games affect your hand?
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How does playing video games affect hand eye coordination?

you don't look at the controller you are looking at the screen that is using hand eye coordination

Do video games affect dogs?

Video games can affect everyone and everything around you if you negelect your basic duties in favor of playing video games. Things like, ignoring your pets, family, relatives, letting your sink pile up with dishes, etc. So long as you keep your dog fed, video games will not affect him/her.

Do video games help your awareness?

Video games can help with your hand-eye coordination But im not sure about awareness.

Why video games affect your brain?

Ask your teacher

Are hand held video games bad for kids with ADD?

It has been proven that hand held video games couse no harm to kids with ADD, even with excessive play

How does playing video games affect your speed of hand?

Apparently it decreases your reaction time and other things of that nature which means you can react much quicker than before.

Video card ram affect what games can be played?


How have video games affected daily living?

It does't affect it.

Do video games affect vision temporarily?

Yes, video games affect your vision for only about 20 seconds. It depends how long you have been playing and how many times you looked away.

How are video games educational?

They develop your hand-eye coordination.

Do video games harm youth?

Of course not video games are awsome they totally do not damagw the youth anyone got a problem. They can depending on what kind of things you are talking about. For example, video games can affect a persons eyesight. But there are a lot of good things too. It can help with hand eye coordination and some of them can also promote fitness. Some of these video games are like Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Just keep in mind that not all video games are like wii Fit and Wii sports. The DS is not one of the video games that would include fitness.

What is the good affect of video games?

Brain training video games improve your mental abilities, while other types of games can improve your reactions and similar.