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In Pokemon Episode 308 May ans Max get kidnapped and tied up in a web.

In Pokemon Episode 390 May gets tied up in rope and Ash gets kidnapped.

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Q: In what episode of Pokemon does Ash May Brock or Max get kidnapped?
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What Episode of Pokemon was ash kidnapped?

Ash was never kidnapped on purpose. But he some times was kidnapped by mistake. But the episode was in Season 4-5. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Brock again?

well actually he never leaves if you saw the episode ash meets brock he says he needs someone to go with and ash volunteers so he stays with him forever

Pokemon episode were ash gives a fake name?

Episode 42, Showdown at Dark City. Ash, Misty and Brock use fake names about 7 minutes into the episode.

Who is angie from Pokemon?

Anji is a girl who was in an episode where Ash, Dawn and Brock were learning at a trainer school.

What Pokemon episode did ash cry outside in the rain?

try the Pokemon episode gotta catch ya later in the end when ash misty and brock were seprating in misty's flashback the series is called Pokemon masterquest

What are the Pokemon series?

Shows. Like, for example: Let's replace series with show/episode. Pokemon episode or show. It's the show! You know, Ash Brock.

What episode does ash meet brock again?

Ash meets Brock in episode 5 of season 1, Showdown in Pewter City.

In Pokemon do Ash and MIsty love each other?

Yes, MIsty loves Ash. MIsty belongs to Ash. Remember in the Pokemon episode "Heartbreak of Brock" MIsty said to Ash "someday you and I will be married". You know that Misty and Brock are Ash's good friends along with his Pikachu.

Which Pokemon episode were Ash Misty and Brock get trapped in a sunk ship?

battle aboard aboardthe st anne

Will there be episode where dawn and ash are alone?

I am not actually sure if this helps, but i do know that in Doc Brock they are left to take care of the Pokemon while Brock leaves to get Pokemon supplies.... Pachirisu get's sick and Ash and Dawn are left to take care of Pachirisu....

Which episode of Pokemon does Misty sneeze?

She sneezed in an episode when Ash Brock and herself were helping a Photographer named, Todd find a Articuno. "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

In which episode of Pokemon did ash get sick when he was with misty and brock?

if you are looking for the name it was somthing like ash gets sick but I don't really remamber. *UPDATE 8-29-12* The episode is called "A Better Pill to Swallow"