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Ash meets Brock in episode 5 of season 1, Showdown in Pewter City.

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Q: What episode does ash meet brock again?
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In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Brock again?

well actually he never leaves if you saw the episode ash meets brock he says he needs someone to go with and ash volunteers so he stays with him forever

When did Ash meet Brock?

When Ash battled and defeted Brock (harldy fair) in Pewter Gym, Brock decided to tag along with Ash to his journey.

Do may and ash meet again after the battle frontier season?

Yes, May returns during the Sinnoh season for the Wallace Cup competition where she meets up with Ash and Brock again.

When does misty and ash dance in Pokemon?

I think you ment Brock, that was the episode when they meet Bill and they go in the lighthouse and meet a strange pokemon It's called 'Mystery in the Lighthouse'. Not that I love BrockXMisty, but they did dance, and Misty and Ash never did.

When do ash and misty meet again?

If you are talking about after the Johto League tournament, yeah. They meet in episode 319. :D

Which episode did ash separate from dawn and brock?

"Memories are Made of Bliss"

Does ash ever see primeape again?

Probably, when ash leaves primape in the episode "The Punchy Pokemon" The narrator says maybe they'll meet up again someday.

Pokemon episode were ash gives a fake name?

Episode 42, Showdown at Dark City. Ash, Misty and Brock use fake names about 7 minutes into the episode.

What episode does ash catch mudkip?

ash never catches a mudkip he catches a treeco but Brock catches a mudkip

What episode did ash meet Gary in the Sinnoh?

episode 553

In which Pokemon episode do Ash and May meet?

the second episode.

Does ash ever kiss may misty or dawn?

no, but he does kiss brock in episode 343