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Stand in the light on the carpet in the main hall of the castle, then press X and down on the direction keys.

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Q: How do you get to rainbow tower in super Mario 64 ds?
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Which star door gets you to the rainbow tower in super Mario 64 for the ds?

In the main room, stand on the sun pattern on the floor, go into view mode, and look up.

How do you get to rainbow tower in super Mario 64 dds?

In the middle of the game or around there, You would see sunjlight coming from a window that's in the castel. Once you see it is there, zoom in and look at the window/sunlight. You will be teleported to the Rainbow Tower place. There is a star and a button to make "?" Blocks solid.

Why is it when you try to go to the rainbow world from the sun rug I fall in to the sky automaticaly on super Mario 64 ds?

You have to go to the rainbow world as Mario . Mario will get wings on his hat and will fly.

How do you go to the rainbow tower in super mario 64 ds?

Go to be main lobby as Mario and stand under the spotlight on the sun. GO into 1st person mode with x in standard mode and look up at the light. Fly down.

How do you get to the rainbow tower in super Mario 64 DS because nothing is working?

If you get 10-12 (around there) Stars a light will be shining in the main hall. '''As Mario''', look up to the sun and you will be warped there. If you are Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi, you will fall to the castle grounds.

Where can you get Super Mario sunshine 64?

no there no super mario sunshine 64

Is super Mario 64 ds wii real?

No, there is no Super Mario 64 DS for the Wii. Super Mario Bros. 64 DS, as the name implies, is a remake of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS.

How do you get bunnies in new Super Mario Brothers?

you cant.only in super Mario 64&super Mario 64 ds.

Super Mario Nintendo 64?

It's called Super Mario 64.

Is it posibal to get walugi in supper Mario 64?

No,it is impossible to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

How do you get waligi in Super Mario 64?

Unless hacked into game, Waluigi cannot be played in Super Mario 64, or Super Mario 64 DS

Where is the rainbow switch on Super Mario 64 for Nintendo DS?

In the Rainbow Tower, but I don't know how to get there. if your talking but the ? switch go to the beginning of the castle on the sun carpet press x then look up to the shining light then go down to the rainbow rings there's a switch press it and it's red coins to