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No,it is impossible to get Waluigi in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.

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Q: Is it posibal to get walugi in supper Mario 64?
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Is walugi real on super Mario 64 DS?

unless you are cheat there is no such thing as waluigi in this game

Walugi is he in super Mario 64 ds?

Yes he is! There are 77 ways to get him. [That's clearly fake.]

How do you get Liuigi in Super Mario 64?

what one Mario 64 ds or Mario 64 nes

Is Mario kart 64 real?

Yes, Mario Kart 64 is for the Nintendo 64

How do you get power flowers on Mario 64?

There are no power flowers in Super Mario 64. However, I do not if they exist in Super Mario 64 DS.

Where can you get Super Mario sunshine 64?

no there no super mario sunshine 64

Waluigi in super Mario 64?

Mario is the only member of the Mario family in Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. A few of his siblings are available in the DS version.

Is super Mario 64 ds wii real?

No, there is no Super Mario 64 DS for the Wii. Super Mario Bros. 64 DS, as the name implies, is a remake of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo DS.

Can you play Mario 64 on your PC?

Yes you can. You need Project 64, an emulator, and the Mario 64 ROM.

Super Mario Nintendo 64?

It's called Super Mario 64.

Which is better super Mario 64 or your Pokemon Ranch?

Mario 64, by far.

How do you get docoter Mario on supper smash bro?

D.R. Mario doesn't appear on SSB 64 and SSB Brawl,But appears on SSB Melee.You can unlock him by: 1.Play 100 vs. Matches. 2.Beat classic or adventure mode with Mario, and without using any continues.