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No, but you can put it on a floppy.

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Q: Can you put a minecraft server on a memory stick?
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How do you make a minecraft server ip?

You put in the ip on the server_properties page of a server

How do you give yourself complete admin control on your Minecraft 1.8 server?

you have to put yourself on the ops.txt in the minecraft server folder

Can you put custom icons on memory sticks and how?

Yes. You can put custom icons on a memory stick like you would put a normal file on a memory stick.

Why cant i put films on 64gb memory stick?

You can put films on a 64GB memory stick as long as they are not too large.

Is Nat's geeky world a Minecraft server?

yes you can put it in on minecraft and play with natty-boy100

Can you save Minecraft on a memory stick?

yes, tto save it tho you would have to go to the run in the bottom left corner and type in %appdata%, click roaming and save the .minecraft, and when you would like to play it, put the .minecraft back where you took it from.

Can you delete a minecraft server?

Yes. To delete a Minecraft server, stop the server (issue the "stop" command to the server), and then delete the server files (, the world folder, etc.) If you put the server into its own folder, then simply delete that entire folder to be rid of your server.

How do you make a lever minecraft materials?

Put a stick in the middle and cobblestone below the stick.

When i put a put a plugin in the plugin folder on my minecraft server which has buckket and i restart my server it isnt on the server?

Make sure the plugin isn't outdated, and check what your console says.

Do you need a meamary stick to put stuff in your psp?

No but you do need a memory stick

How do you craft flares on Minecraft?

There are no flares in Minecraft. If you mean torches, you put a stick and a piece of coal in a crafting grid. The coal goes on top of the stick.

Can you add a memory stick to an iPod touch?

No, but you can put the memory stick into computer, plug ipod touch into computer and add stuff from memory stick onto itunes and from itunes to ipod