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You put in the ip on the server_properties page of a server

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Q: How do you make a minecraft server ip?
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What is a Minecraft server ip?

A minecraft server IP is what you type in to join a specific server. A good one is

What is the fridge minecraft server ip address?

what is the ip address for the fridge on minecraft

How do you make your minecraft server public?

To make your Minecraft server open for the public, make sure that your white-list is off. Then you will want to go to , and register for an account to submit your server IP.

How do you i find my Minecraft server ip?

Your Minecraft IP is just your computer's ip. Go on google and ask what your ip is.

How do you make an ip address for minecraft?

You need to make a server. I suggest looking more into that.

What is a minecraft server address?

The ip to join a server.

What is the server IP address for mineplex Minecraft server?

How do you make your own multiplayer server in minecraft?

You need to make a secure web page and then go to Minecraft Multiplayer and make a server. The IP will be: mc. and then your webpage name, .net

How do you make a ip address for minecraft?

You can't MAKE an IP adress, you use your own, unless you buy a server or a new router.

How do you get a server IP?

A server IP is an address that you use on the internet. You can also use it for minecraft. By the way, wat is zackscott's server ip? You don't have to answer it

What is the best minecraft server?

The Best Minecraft Server EVER is mineplex the ip is or

What is noahcraftsminecrsft server ip?

NoahCraftFTW's server ip is in his words the best minecraft server there is was and will always be for the forseeable future