Safety features in cars

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Safety features in a car include, seat belts, airbags, child proof locks and windshield wipers. Windshield wipers help improve visibility when it is raining.

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Q: Safety features in cars
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Do cars have safety features?

Yes, cars have lots of safety features but motorcycles don't.

What safety features should be in cars?

Cars should have doors and seat belts for safety features. Other safety features include: airbags, safety locks and anti-lock brakes.

What safety features did 1950 ford have?

The 1950 Ford cars did not have many safety features, like we do today, in place. The cars and trucks did have safety belts.

What are the main safety features in cars?


Which features appeared first in Mercedes-Benz cars?


Are cars dangerous than motorcycles?

No. However, cars have plenty of safety features also drivers of cars have lots of more protection than motorcycles. Motorcycles do not have safety features, just only helmets but however that motorcycles can really easily fall over but not cars. Cars can't fall over.

What were the safety features on old cars?

# Weight # size # thickness of body panels

Two different safety features that are used in modern cars?

Airbags and seat belts

What are the safety ratings on the newest Chrysler cars?

The safety ratings on the newest Chrysler cars for 2012 are still being done on the new line of vehicles. There are however many new safety features and functions that are coming in the new 2012/2013 line of cars.

Which would be the best source for an essay focusing on the best safety features for cars?

Click the link.

Do trucks have the same safety features as cars?

Yes and no Pickups are not as stringently safety regulated by the government, but this is getting much better. Most have the same basic features. Large trucks are not tested or regulated to the same existent as cars at all and are not required to have many of the feature's.

What are the two different safety features that modern cars have instead of air bags?


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