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Q: What are long cars that are used for weddings called?
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Are mandirs used for weddings and funeruls?

Mangirs are definitely used for weddings but not funerals.

What is the name of the cars they use in the indianapois 500?

The cars used in the Indianapolis 500 are called "Indy cars."

Are rings used for Hinduism weddings?

yes it is like all over weddings.

What type of cars are normally used for weddings?

if you are getting married you should use a limo service, or decorate your own car with just married. if you are a guest, use your own car.

Are used hybrid cars efficient in fuel and friendly to our environment?

Absolutely. Used hybrid cars are just as useful as used gasoline cars. There are fears that the batteries are "used up" in used hybrid cars, but the lifetime of the batteries is very long and this should not be a problem.

Why are cars still used after the war?

the question is why WERENT cars still used after the war(; see its called thinking outside the boxx

What was the tv show called that used un marked police cars in greater Manchester?

X Cars

Can a mosque be used for weddings?

Never and ever can be used for wedding

Where can one purchase used Ford cars?

There are many places to purchase used cars, including Ford cars. The easiest way to find where to buy the used car you would like is through an organization called AutoTrader. You first pick the model you want and then you can choose from a long list of cities, and AutoTrader will tell you if there are any listings for that car in the area you are in.

What is a Nosegay?

A smallbouquet, generally used in weddings.

How long does a lemon law for used cars last?

There is no such law as a "lemon law" on a used car. Lemon laws only apply to new cars.

When is the Guru Granth Sahib used?

it is used in weddings and to name babies