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For a 30mph over Georgia speeding tickets there will be 4 points against your license if you are a Georgia driver. You may also have to pay the new Georgia superspeeder fine. That is not paid to the court but to the DMV and the court will not tell you about it. See the link below for more information on Georgia speeding tickets.

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Q: How many points do you get for speeding 30mph over the speed limit in GA?
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How many points do you get for driving at 37 mph in a 30mph zone?

The amount of points you get for driving above the speed limit depends on the county you are in and the area in which you were speeding. For example, a person speeding in a school zone would receive more points than someone speeding on a highway.

How many points in NJ do you get for speeding 25-29mph over the speed limit?


How many points do you get in the state of Tennessee for a speeding ticket which is 23 miles over the speed limit?

4 points

How much would a speeding fine cost for a ticket for driving 51 mph in a 30 mph zone in Durham England?

The minimum penalty for speeding is 3 points on your licence and £100 fine. When your speed exceeds the limit by 45% or more (such as 51mph in a 30mph), you are at risk of losing your licence.

How many points do you get on your license if you get a speeding ticket for 18 mph over the speed limit in New Jersey?

4 points

What is the national speed limit in an unrestricted residential area?

30mph :)

How many points go on your record for a speeding ticket of 20 over the speed limit in vermont?


Getting cited for speeding more than 16 mph over the speed limit will result in points on your license?

4 points

How many points for Missouri speeding ticket 5 miles over the speeding ticket?

In order to get a speeding ticket that takes points of your license in Missouri, you need to be travelling over 5 miles over the speed limit. For a ticket 6 miles or more over the speed limit that is not excessive speeding, 2 or 3 points will be taken depending on whether it is a local, county, or state issued ticket..

How many points is a 15 mph over speed limit in New Jersey?

speeding 15mph over the speed limit in new jersey is a 4-point offense

Got a speeding ticket in New York 23 miles over speed limit what are the points and how much is the fine?

4 points and $300

How many points will result on your license in Florida for a speeding citation for more than 16 MPH over the speed limit?

4 points

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