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Q: Why can you be tickled without being touched?
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Does Ticklishness in a woman make sex more enjoyable for her?

It depends. Some women are so ticklish that they can't handle being touched or tickled in certain areas. Do you find it enjoyable being tickled mercilessly on your feet (if your feet are ticklish)? Yea, hard to handle, isn't it? But, some women who are ticklish, particularly in very erotic zones, really really enjoy it. It adds a bit of extra pleasure for them. Most of all, women just enjoy being touched. That's part of the reason she's enjoying it so much - being touched does something to her mind and being tickled means she's being touched.

What can be charged without being touched?

solar panels can most definitely be charged without being touched!

How do ferrets like to be touched?

Ferrets like to play rough, so being tickled on the stomach or even just being played with by petting them gives them enjoyment.

Is there a video of Alexandra chando being tickled?

There is a video of her being tickled on www.Oakdale

How do you know if a girl likes to be tickled?

Ask "What do you think of being tickled?"

How do you know if a dog is being tickled?

if a dog is being tickled then they will stay in the same position and stick their tongue out.

What can be broken without being touch?

A promise can be broken but not touched

Why do people laugh when they are tickled?

people laugh when they get tickled because humans have a sensitive spot some where on there body (normally underarms,sides,feet, or neck) and once it is touched there is right away an instinct that your body doesnt liek beong touched there so you start laughing

What is the meaning of tickled pink?

Tickled pink means being really happy.

What is fear of being tickled?

The fear of being tickled is called 'pteronophobia'.

Why do people smile when tickled Why do people in fact only smile not cry etc?

I personally think that people smile when tickled and don't cry as when people are tickled their weak points of their bodies are responding to the stimulus of touch at that point, releasing a certain number of hormones which induces pleasure in the mind which often results in the breathlessness of the person being tickled. This is why people laugh in pleasure when they are tickled. But if they are hit force in the same place disastrous results are seen . For example if a person is hit in the neck with a lot of force he or she will go unconscious but if he or she is touched very gently they will be tickled

Where can you find a video of Miranda cosgrove being tickled?

Go to youtube and type in "a video of miranda cosgove being tickled