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Q: Does a girl like you if she calls you just to talk to you?
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What does it when a girl calls you sweetie?

She could probaly just like you or just see you as a nice person and close friend to talk to.

Is it when a guy calls another girl who isn't his girl babe or baby a guy who you cant trust?

i wont like it, but then some people are just like it, talk to him and see how he feels if you did it?

How do you girl talk?

all you do is just talk and be your self??????????????????//

Their is a girl that you like but you talk to and she talk to but she dasnt love you?

then that is just too bad.

Questions to ask a girl?

A girl is just a person. Talk to her just like you would a guy.

How do you talk like a clique girl?

just talk like a bratty cheerleader and use OMG and "like" a LOT

How do you get the girl you really like to like when your 11?

there is no guarantee that she will like you, but just talk to her

What should i do when this girl i like is giving me the silent treatment?

she wont answer my calls or text messeges so i just stopped tryin its been a week...her sisters are still talking to me but she isnt talk to her

How can you talk to a girl you like but she didn't know you?

Just man up and go talk to her.

What do you do when you stall while talking to a girl you like?

just talk to her

How do you get a girl just like me?

Be yourself and talk to her. If its meant to be, then it will be, just be confident and honest.

What can you say to a girl if you like to just talk?

Anything, seriously, tell her the truth so she knows and just talk to her.