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she wont answer my calls or text messeges so i just stopped tryin its been a week...her sisters are still talking to me but she isnt talk to her

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Q: What should i do when this girl i like is giving me the silent treatment?
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How can you say sorry to a girl after getting into an argument and they are giving you the silent treatment?

tell her this "I really like you and it would ruin my life if you werent in it!" but dont say anything That is a lie! be 100 % honest with her

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You must realy like this girl if you ask it here ;-) Anyway if she is giving you a silent treatment then you must have done something realy terrible cuz girls only do this if they are REALY mad. (I am a girl myself so I know it) First of all you should say sorry of course. Even when you don't know what you have done. (Girls are a little bit sensitive) Don't get caught of guard when she doesn't reply and walks away. Just ignore it! All she wants is to hear that you are very sorry and that you will never do it again (whatever you did) If this doesn't works than you can always give her presents... Choclate, flowers or teddy-bears can do miracles! Don't forget to put a romantic letter with the presents or say something sweet to her or something like that. Girls never expect that. I hope that it helps!

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