How do people use salt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they use it to flavour food

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Q: How do people use salt?
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What do people use to clean pools insted of chlorine?

They can use salt or chlorine but most people choose salt

When do people use salt on ice?

So when the roads are icey or snowy people put the salt on it to melt which salt has sodium and chlorine.

What type of salt would be better to use a lava lamp with?

That one type of salt that people use with lava lamps

People allergic to corn can't use iodized salt. Do products marked Kosher ever use iodized salt?


What do you use sodium for?

Sodium is the Scientific name for salt. People season their food with salt, use it for cooking and it's in sea water.

Why don't people use salter water?

If you use salt water, you DED

What did people use before a refrigerator?

for meat they would salt cure it.....basically just rub salt on it

What people use different natrural from the ocean for food energy and recreation?

they use salt

Why did ancient people use salt for their food in mali?

To preserve the food

Mineral use to cook?

Table salt is a mineral. One can cook with salt. It is a member of the halides, and the formula for table salt, or Halite, is NaCl. There is another salt as well that sometimes people use. It is low in sodium, and it is called sylvite. It is a potassium salt, and has the formula KCl. It has a bitter taste to it.

What do people use Sodium for?

It is used in many different things such as table salt.

Should older people use salt?

Anyone with high blood pressure or heart problems needs to watch salt in their diet.