How do you talk on the phone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1/ Dial the number you want to talk to.

2/ Apply phone to forehead.

3/ Bang repeatedly against forehead while screaming at the same time.

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Q: How do you talk on the phone?
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How can I long talk with gril on phone?

You can talk on the phone as long as you want with a girl .Many times people talk for hours on the phone.

What do 16 year old girls do?

Talk on the phone, giggle while talking to each other about boys, talk on the phone, hang out at the mall, talk on the phone, avoid being around their parents, and talk on the phone.

What can you answer but not talk to?

Phone?? You answer it but you don't talk to it as you talk to the person at the end of the phone line. The Doorbell The Door Your Calling

Speak on the phone or talk on the phone?

The verbs to 'talk' and to 'speak' both mean to 'utter words'. In the context of communicating on a phone, either is appropriate.

What is the phone?

the phone is a devise to talk to people.

When was Leeds Talk-O-Phone created?

Leeds Talk-O-Phone was created in 1902.

When did Leeds Talk-O-Phone end?

Leeds Talk-O-Phone ended in 1909.

Can you get any phone and put on straight talk?

No. Not every single phone is compatible. You can check on Straight Talk's website if your phone is compatible.

Is it against the law to talk on cell phone in Georgia?

My names Georgia;-) no it's not illegal to talk to me on the phone!

Who do you have to talk to to get a phone design made?

Well talk to the company you want the phone service by and when made or ordered.:)

Is there a free phone number for a mechanic to talk too?

is there a phone number that is free to talk to a live mechanic

How do you get your boyfriend to talk on the phone more?

person, you can't can't get them to talk to you on the phone you'd have to talk to him face to face and if he won't talk to you on the phone or face to face ( probably because he's embarressed ) tell him if he won't listen, dump him.