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No. He has said this multiple times.

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Q: Is Greg Sulkin cheating on his girlfriend?
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What nicknames does Gregg Sulkin go by?

Gregg Sulkin goes by Greg Sulkin.

Who is in gregg sulkin's family?

Who is in Greg Sulkin's family

Who is greg sulkin's girlfriend?

Jazzlyn Marae. Look her up.

Is Greg sulkin British?

Gregg sulkin is very British :D

Does Greg Sulkin have a tattoo?


Are Gregg Sulkin and Britt Robertson a couple?

nope but Selena Gomez and Greg Sulkin are.

Where is greg from?

Greg Sulkin s was born in London.And went to school there.

What is Greg sulkin's middle name?


Is Gregg Sulkin coming back?

greg sulkin came to calefornia when he finished his movie ''avalon high''

What Disney channal movie was greg sulkin in?

Actually It Is Gregg Sulkin And The Movie's Name Is Avalon High.

What is mason in wizard of Waverly place real name?

Mason's real name is Greg Sulkin. ~Emily

Did greg sulkin date marissa?

Word on the street is... YES!