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Solid 3/4" flooring with proper care and refinishing can last upwards of 100 years.

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Q: What is the life expectancy of hardwood flooring?
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Bamboo hardwood flooring is actually a lot better in many aspects compared to other hardwood flooring. Bamboo is very versatile and is more likely to hold up when compared to other hardwood flooring.

How Can you Maintain Hardwood Flooring For Long Life?

You can maintain hardwood flooring so it will last for many years. You will need to clean them properly and address any problems such as scratches, gaps, and gouges.

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Typically, hardwood flooring can be purchased through a home improvement store or contracting business. Although there are some businesses that sell hardwood flooring online.

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Bruce hardwood, owned by Triangle Pacific and Armstrong is one of the best brand for hardwood flooring. Pergo is another good brand.

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