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1. Take a container

2. pour water in it

3. now take a little amount of hair and place it on top of the water.

Now if the hair sinks it means there are holes in the hair and so it is damaged.

If the hair is floating on top that means it is healthy.

hope i helped!

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Q: How do you know if your hair is healthy?
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What can you use to make your hair grow faster?

Eat healthy. Your hair grows from the inside out. so if you are healthy and eat all the right foods like vegetables then your hair will be healthy as well. And no if you trim your hair every 8 weeks then it will not help it grow faster, the only thing that is doing is making it look healthy. Remember the darker the green the better it is. I'm a hair stylist, and know some tricks.

Does sweating make your hair grow?

you scalp produces natural oils when you sweat so it does make your hair healthy however i don't know if it will make your hair grow i guess if it's healthy it will grow (it does make you SINK though)

Is coconut oil healthy for your hair?

well yes it is good for your hair because it helps it make it smooth that's all i know about!!

Is permanent straightening dangerous to thick curly healthy hair?

As always, it really depends. I don't know why you would want to straighten thick, curly, healthy hair when it is so beautiful and chic anyway.

How do you know if your hair is damaged?

put a strand of it in a cup of water and if it floats its healthy but if it sinks it's not

You want your hair to grow what do you do?

Wait, some people say by eating healthy you can amke your hair grow longer but i don't know if that is true.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

you can get your hands wet and put conditioner on them then rub it on your hair it will keep your hair healthy.

What is healthy for your hair?

Any products that contain aloe are healthy for your hair and skin.

What is healthy for hair?

Any products that contain aloe are healthy for your hair and skin.

What is recommended for healthy hair?

To have healthy hair you should: 1. Use healthy washing and styling methods. 2. Use healthy products and avoid treatments that damage your hair. 3. Eat a healthy diet that includes foods that provide the nutrients your hair needs.

Is good hair skin and nails a sign of a healthy pregnancy?

You can not say this. but healthy hair and nails are a sign that the person is healthy.

Is it healthy to dyed your hair after you just bleach it?

Its isn't very healthy your hair may become very dry. But you can and use conditioner no shampoo to wash it out , to moisturize it. But if you decide not to right away wait maybe a week or two before applying more hair dye. *I know this by experience*