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Between t3 and c3 for sleep disorders

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Q: Where do you place FT9 and FT10 electrodes for EEG recordings?
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How many electrodes does an EEG need?

Approximately 16-20 electrodes

What is the electrical brain activity recorded with scalp or brain electrodes?

EEG -Electroencephalography

Recordings of the collective activity of the brains nerve cells are called?

Electroencephalography or EEG

What happens before an EEG begins?

Before an EEG begins, a nurse or technologist attaches approximately 16-21 electrodes to a person's scalp using an electrically conductive, washable paste.

What type of radiation does an EEG use?

It is electromagnetic radiation that the EEG works with. So-called "brain waves" are the signals we look at by attaching electrodes to monitor cerebral activity. Note that the EEG is passive device, and it doesn't "send out" anything, but only acts as a "receiver" for the signals. The brain creates its own electrical energy all the time, and we're just "listening in" by looking at the EEG.

What test would be used to study cognitive brain activity?

Maybe an MRI scan or have many electrodes placed round your head. ------EEG -Electroencephalography

Is an EEG painful?

No, Not at all. Electrodes are secured to the head with water soluble glue. The electrodes measure electrical activity of the brain and this is recorded on a tracing on paper. After the test is completed, the electrodes are removed.

How do you do an eeg test?

You first put the glue somewhere not near the eyes , next You put the electrodes , after that you put the patches on , then you put the wrap , and finally you be good to go .

What is electrocardiograph testing?

In this manner, they use electrodes like an EEG, but they place them on your chest using these sticker-like objects, and then they conduct the test, which comes out to be somewhat like what you see on those monitors which is hooked up to a dying person, but printout. No needles are involved in this.

What is measured by an EEG?

EEG is Electroencephalograph. In plain English - Electrical Brain wave measurer. It measures electric currents in the brain. There are various currents associated with brain activity, with Greek letter names. eg. Alpha Waves.

What are inert and active electrodes?

Inert electrodes simply serve as electrical conductors and are unchanged by the cell processes. Active electrodes change during the cell reactions. An example of inert electrodes is platinum in the electrolysis of water. The platinum remains unchanged and the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. An example of active electrodes is in the electrolysis of copper sulfate solution with copper electrodes. The anode copper is converted into copper ions in the solution, and metallic copper builds up on the cathode. The term active electrode is also used in eeg measurement, here as the opposite to passive electrode. Electrodes are the pads attached to the skin to get readings, and active ones don't need a conductive paste to get a good signal.

Which Equipment is used to monitor brain waves?

Electrode.Electroencephalogram (EEG)