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None. There are no side effects to eating ice cream on a regular basis.

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Q: What are side effects of eating ice regularly?
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Are there side effects to eating ice cream?

you can get fat or get diabetes

Are there side effects to eating ice?

The only thing that I can think of is if you are biting on a large cube then you could crack a tooth. Brain freeze is possible but that passes. I have choked on an icecube when i was young. It got caught in my windpipe. I coughed it up but it scared me. If you are eating small pieces of ice it won't hurt you that I know of. When you eat ice cream or a slushie you are eating ice. Eating ice doesn't cause anemia. The craving for ice is usually an indication of iron def. anemia.

Will eating ice give you diabetes?

Eating ice does not cause diabetes

How will you changes a statement with a main verb into a question?

He eats ice cream - Does he eat ice cream? He ate the ice cream - Did he eat the ice cream? He is eating the ice cream - Is he eating the ice cream? He was eating ice cream - Was he eating ice cream? They have eaten the ice cream - Have they eaten the ice cream? He has eaten the ice cream - Has he eaten the ice cream? He had eaten the ice cream - Had he eaten the ice cream? He had been eating ice cream - Had he been eating ice cream? He will eat ice cream to morrow - Will he eat ice ream tomorrow? He is going to eat ice cream tomorrow - Is he going to eat ice cream tomorrow?

What are the side effects of contrast dye infiltration?

swelling, pain in area, possible discoloring. elevate affected area and ice

What do you use for a sore mouth from eating ice?

Just stop eating so much ice.

Is water molecule regularly arranged?

no ice is but water is not

Which grammar is correct eating ice cream in this hot weather or eating ice cream on this hot weather?


How do you spell do you like eating ice cream?

That is the correct spelling of the question "Do you like eating ice cream?"

Can you get cancer from eating a cup of ice cream with sprinkles?

It is very unlikely you will get cancer from eating ice cream.

What happen if you eat ice or regularly drink ice water?

You end up with bad grammar.

What is ice for eating?