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Respiratory System

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Q: People who are stressed may experience hyperventilation or rapid breathing. Which body system would this affect?
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Is hyperventilation dangerous?

Yes, it can be dangerous, most people think that hyperventilation is due to getting little oxygen, but its not, hyperventilation is caused by having to much oxygen, that is why when putting a paper bag over your mouth helps, because you are breathing back in all the carbon dioxide that you exhaled, and this helps to balance out the oxygen. Hyperventilation can cause you to pass out.

When do you people get stressed out?

They get stressed up often as they are either getting problems with their work or having family violence.

Does asthma happen to everyone or does hyperventilation happen to everone?

Asthma does not happen to everyone. People do Hyperveniliate but not everyone does..

Why do people breathe in carbon dioxide when they are hyperventilating?

Actually, when people hyperventilate, they loose carbon dioxide. The old way of treating a person who is hyperventilating is to breathe into a paper bag. This is no longer recommended, unless your doctor tells you to do so. Hyperventilation causes your body to expel too much carbon dioxide and that can change the pH level in the blood and cause metabolic problems. Since hyperventilation is mostly a psychological problem than a physiological problem, the best treatment is to is to stay calm and practice breathing slowly and not too deeply.

How does hypoventilation affect pH?

Hypoventilation is causes an increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) in your blood. This is caused by the lack of breathing, or obtaining oxygen, (on the contrary, hyperventilation is when your body is gaining too much oxygen - people tell the hyperventalator to breath in a brown paper bag to allow CO2 to bind to hemoglobin). Thus, when people hypoventilate (i.e. causing an increase in CO2) this causes the pH in your blood to decrease, making it more acidic. (and when hyperventilation occurs, O2 is increased, which causes an increase in pH - making blood more basic).

Why does breathing into a paper bag decrease effects of hyperventilation?

The major symptoms caused by hyperventilation are caused by the decrease in arterial carbon dioxide (CO2) caused by hyperventilation. Breathing into a bag causes you to rebreathe CO2 and raise the CO2 level, which causes the symptoms to go away. The danger of this is that you can actually raise the CO2 level too much and cause other problems.

Why does baby hyperventilate during sleep?

Not just babies, almost everybody does. There is too little physical activity during sleep to generate enough CO2 to compensate overbreathing, so many people hyperventilate mildly, usually in the morning hours (that explains why asthmatics have problems often at that time). Mouth breathing makes hyperventilation even much worse. Babies (as well as adults) with stuffed noses sleep with open mouths during the night and overbreathing will cause their noses to be stuffed even more. So the key is to keep the mouth shut and the nose open. Nasal breathing decreases the chance of hyperventilation.

Why do people take ghb?

there stressed

Why do people get confused?

because they are stressed

What observations after hyperventilation?

Do not experiment with this as is is inherently dangerous to do this intentionally. Breathing into a paper bag ensures that you inhale some of the carbon dioxide you exhaled. The equation shown in the previous answer is the correct one. In the future, if your grade depends on it, try reading your text book rather than looking for answers from people on line.

My dad says that people who jog at night because they think its cooling will get hyperventilation is that true?

well that's not true.

Why do people like breathing?

People like breathing because shut up