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There is nothing to take. You need to seek the advice from your doctor.

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Q: What can you take if you have a miscarriage?
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Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

If i take ibuprofen at 22 weeks pregnant will it cause a miscarriage?

Take Tylenol instead

How far on do you have to be to take the vitamin c pills to cause a miscarriage?

Vitamin c does not cause miscarriage, you just pee it out. Nothing you can take, unless you are prescribed the abortion pill, will make you miscarry.

She take pills and when she had her period something come out its a embryo what happend?

She had a miscarriage

Do you take any paper work with you back home after miscarriage?


How many birth control pills do you have to take to have a miscarriage?

Bcp don't cause miscarriage. They can be taken as morning after pills but as soon as you are pregnant it will not work. You have to see a doctor.

Can Pepsi and aspirin cause miscarriage?

When pregnant you shouldn't take aspirin but it can not cause miscarriage. Pepsi does def not cause anything but high blood sugar and possibly cavities.

Does a miscarriage take place after or before 20 weeks?

A miscarriage can take place at any time during a pregnancy. Miscarriages are most common during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (the first trimester). A woman may have to have a D and C after miscarrying. The later in the pregnancy a miscarriage occurs, the more complications could arise.

Do you have to take a hamster to a vet if it has a miscarriage?

If your pet suffers from any sort of ailment, whether it be an ingrown claw or a miscarriage, you should take it to your veterinarian promptly. When you're there, ask if there are any new vaccinations or pills that your pet should receive.

If you have a miscarriage where does the baby go?

the woman goes to the hospital and has her stomach open by an operation and they take it out.

How long does it take for a uterus to heal after having a miscarriage at 24 weeks?

24 weeks is not a miscarriage but premature birth. The healing process is the same as after a full term birth, 6 weeks.

What is the odds of a miscarriage?

U were a miscarriage