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Q: Can you take metformin and enalapril together?
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Can you take metformin and enalapril at the same time?


Is it okay to take metronidazole together with metformin?

Yes, there is no problem in taking those 2 drugs together, at the same moment or during the same day.

Can You take metformin Wellbutrin trazodone and kratom-potent indio are they safe to take together?

No. Kratom when taken with metformin may lead to alife-threatening condition called lactic acidosis

What allergy medication can you take with Enalapril?

Any antihistamine you would normally take. There are no known interactions between enalapril and antihistamines - they are even recommended to be taken at the same time for people with certain enalapril side-effects

Can you take metformin with amoxicillin?

I m pregnant,having UTI.and on baseline tests DM/GDM diagnosed accidentally.can I take metformin alongwith amoxil

Can you take Metformin together with Prilosec OTC?

Yes, this would be OK. Prilosec is a stomach acid reducer. It is not going to interact with the metformin. Remember to take the Prilosec when you first get up so that it can act all day.

Can you take metformin and Adderall together?

Let me know if you ever got an answer to this one. I am wondering the same thing.

Who can take Enalapril?

Peaple who have high blood pressure

Can you take prenatal vitamins and metformin and spironolactone and clomid together regularly?

Yes. This is what my doctor prescribed for me. It's fine.

Can you take Percocet with metformin?

No. Metformin is used by type II diabetics for their blood sugar. I am not aware of any analgesic effect from metformin.

What is the difference between enalapril and enalapril maleate?

Is essence, not much of a different. Enalapril is the active pharm. ingredient however is absorbed poorly by the body and not effective orally. Enalapril is reacted withmaleic acidto give enalapril maleate. Once its absorbed into your body it is dissociated to give enalapril as the API.- Pharm. Engineering student

Do you take four metformin sr in one dose?

i take 3 metformin sr in one dose plus 1 glicazide twice daily