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They can't just arrest you for questioning. What they can do is to invite you in for question.

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Q: Can the FBI arrest someone for questioning?
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What sentence do the FBI use when questioning someone about murder?

please state your name where were you at??:?? pm/am? what did you do on the day of ??/??/??

Would a misdemeanor arrest be reported to the FBI?

No. The arrest is not likely to be reported, but if you were fingerprinted, a copy of them will end up in the FBI database.

Does circumstantial evidence constitute for reasonable grounds to arrest someone under UK law?

Circumstantial evidence is definitely enough to arrest someone - a person is arrested not just for questioning, but also to preserve other evidence, like forensics. Circumstantial evidence might not be enough for actual charges to be made, but the arrest might yield more concrete evidence.

Does the FBI make arrests If so where do you go to be questioned?

The FBI does arrest individuals. They arrest people charged with federal crimes. They have the choice to question the individual in a local police department or at their own offices if that is a viable choice.

How do FBI arrest drug dealers?

they stake out in front of the persons house and see if they are really selling drugs and if they are they go into the house and arrest them

Is the FBI required to read a person their rights while making an arrest?


Does a background check consist of arrest records?

Usually includes routine FBI.

IS the FBI going to arrest Joanne Chesimard now that they know her whereabouts?


Are FBI agents allowed to arrest?

Hell yeah. They can arrest the president if the circumstances are legitimate.

What is FBI chek?

i think tha FBI chack is for see if someone is an FBI agent...

What is the job of the FBI?

The job of FBI agents is to investigate actual or suspected violations of federal law, and to arrest criminals whom they identify in the course of their investigations.

What is the criteria for Custodial Interrogation?

In California is questioning by a police officer in your home and the restriction of movement by statements of "you may not smoke", "do not get up", "do not go outside", "you can not speak to them", custodial questioning or arrest?