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It depends on how many calories they consume; if you are of a slighter build and eat less calories, you need to burn less.

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Q: How many calories should a 14 year old girl burn a day?
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How many calories per work out should you burn?

you should burn 120 calories a week at least

How many calories do you burn speed walking for two and a half miles?

you burn approximately 1,000 calories if your a boy, if your a girl you only burn 800

How many calories should i burn a day Say if my calorie intake is 1 200 how many should I burn I am a 18 year old girl and weigh 9st 3lb and am 5 1 tall?

You should lose about 50 calories in a day if your calorie intake is 1200.

How many caloies do you burn from girl push ups?

What is a "Girl Push-Up"? And if it's the ones from the knees probably not much because you have to actually WORK out to burn calories, it will burn some but if you don't feel the burn the burn ain't burnin like it should burn.

How many of your calories that you take in should you burn?

at-least 100-150 calories.

How many calories should you eat before working out?

You should eat about half of what you burn during that workout. If you burn 1,000 calories, you should have consumed about 400-500 calories to last long enough to burn twice that amount.

How many calories do you burn running 4 km?

If in roughly 30 minutes, you should burn roughly 400 calories.

How many calories should you burn in a day?

200 Calories if you do 1 hr exercise

How many calories should you burn on a daily workout?


How many calories will 45 mins of parkour burn?

depending on your weight you will burn more or less calories, but a male weighing about 150pounds should burn around 600-800 calories.

How many more calories should you burn than eat to lose weight?

3,500 calories.

How many calories should you burn to lose weight?

It takes 3500 calories to lose a pound

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