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Q: What is white pill with the markings barr 325 on same side of pill?
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Does white gold and yellow gold have the same markings?


Can you take the Monday white pill on Tuesday because you took the Tuesday pill on Monday?

As long as they are the same color, yes.

Is xxxy syndrome barr-shaver-carr syndrome?

XXXY Syndrome and Barr-Shaver-Carr Syndrome are the same.

Why are the markings on a thermometer equidistant?

Since all the markings on a thermometer are not numbered, it is easier to read if the markings are the same (the markings are usually by ones).

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no two giraffes have the same markings

What does vicodin 7.5 mg look like?

at 7 o clock it still looks the same at 7 o clock it still looks the same

White round pill 524 on it and cant explain the design what is this?

It is in the loratab family with a Ł shaped symbol on the same side

Do all zebras have the same black and white stripe pattern?

No! Their markings are a bit like our fingerprints, each having their own unique pattern.

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because they live in the same areas and it is easier categorize them by their feathers and markings

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Should you bleed on the mini pill?

Breakthrough bleeding on the mini pill is very common, especially if you don't take the pill at the same time everyday or miss a pill.

Can you drink a lacsive instead of the morning after pill?

A laxative would not have the same effect as the morning after pill.