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XXXY Syndrome and Barr-Shaver-Carr Syndrome are the same.

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Q: Is xxxy syndrome barr-shaver-carr syndrome
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Can a male with a genetic structure XXXY survive?

Yes, a male with XXXY chromosomes can survive. However, developmental delays and cognitive impairments are common with this syndrome.

How many Barr bodies cell does XXXY has?

A Barr body is an inactivated X chromosome. An XXXY cell would contain 1 Barr Body. Men have no Barr bodies, and women have 1.

What disease does XXXY represent?

XXXY (referred to as 48XXXY) is a VERY RARE form of Klinefelter's syndrome, the more common type being XXY (47XXY). Males should have 46XY, but in this condition males develop with an extra (or in the case of this question, 2 extra) X chromosome. This is the most common sex chromosome disorder, affecting approximately 1/1000 males. The effects are usually small testis, reduced fertility and potential learning impairments.

What are the release dates for XXXY - 2000?

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Is xxy male or female?

Klinefelter syndrome: males inherit one or more extra X chromosomes--their genotype is XXY or more rarely XXXY or XY/XXY mosaic. In severe cases, they have relatively high-pitched voices, asexual to feminine body contours as well as breast enlargement, and comparatively little facial and body hair. They are sterile or nearly so, and their testes and prostate gland are small.

What is syndactyly a symptom of?

Syndactyly is a characteristic of Apert syndrome, Poland syndrome, Jarcho-Levin syndrome, oral-facial-digital syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, and Edwards syndrome

Which syndrome is the complete opposite of Lima syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome.

Is Down syndrome the same as Turner syndrome?

Down Syndrome and Turner Syndrome are two completely different places. Even though this is not how i found out, the clue is in Down Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.

What type of syndrome is the Koro syndrome?

The Koro syndrome is a culture-specific syndrome. The individual with Koro syndrome has an overpowering belief that his or her genitals are retracting and disappearing.

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