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Q: Is the advice that tells prisoners to support and help each other as brothers sound advice?
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Were the Holocaust prisoners friendly to each other?

That varied a lot. A few prisoners became Kapos and were abominably cruel to the prisoners that they supervised. It is worth mentioning that many of the homosexuals who perished were by killed by other prisoners.

What did Flossenburg prisoners wear?

Prisoners at Flossenburg wore what prisoners in other concentration camps wore; striped uniforms.

Can prisoners get their haircut in prison?

Of course. Other prisoners are assigned jobs as barbers.

What kind of relationship is between the Greasers in the book the outsiders?

They treat each other as if they were ALL brothers. They are always there for each other for support. Hope this helped(:

Why did the Jew prisoners often mistreated other prisoners?

Without specifying a timeframe for this an answer is impossible. This is aside from the fact that there is no circumstance where Jewish prisoners were known for mistreating non-Jewish prisoners.

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Which prisoners were not tattooed?

The only Nazi camp that tattooed prisoners was the Auschwitz group, where prisoners selected for work were tattooed. Prisoners at other camps and those sent immediately to be gassed at Auschwitz were not tattooed.

Why did bhagat singh launched a hunger strike in the british jail?

As the british prisoners were treated better than the Indian political prisoners, bhagat singh and other prisoners launched a hunger strike advocating for the rights of prisoners and undertrials.

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Are prisoners on death row only kept with other death row prisoners?

no not all the time only if told by Jude

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