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no and no

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Q: Can a haloperidol cause pinpoint pupils and can haloperidol be given to an intoxicated patient that is restless and agitated?
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What is the synonym for restless?

Some synonyms would be restive, agitated and fretful.

Ants in his pants figure of speech?

it means you are restless

What is an agitato?

An agitato is a tempo marking in a piece of music that the piece is to be played in a restless, agitated style, or a passage with this marking.

What is the difference between restless and restlessness?

Restive means impatient of control or restraint. Restless means uneasy or unquiet, unable to remain at rest; perpetually agitated or in motion. A horse may be restless when loose in a field, but can only be restive if it is resisting control. A child can be restless from boredom, but can only be restive if someone is trying to make him do what he does not want.

What is the Origin of the expression the natives are restless?

The origin of the expression "the natives are restless" goes back to the 1933 film Island of Lost Souls. The saying is offered by Dr. Moreau when his human and beast creatures become agitated.

Another word for restless or short of temper?

anxious, worried, active, bustling, hurried, unsettled, agitated, unstable, edgy, nervous, sleepless, troubled

What is the meaning of the word antsy?

The word antsy is an adjective that describes a person who is agitated, impatient, or restless. A good example of the use of the word is: The man was feeling antsy awaiting his jury trial.

Who are especially sensitive to opioid analgesics?

Children and older people are especially sensitive to opioid analgesics and may have serious breathing problems after taking them. Children may also become unusually restless or agitated

How is care managed to pneumonia pts obserevd to be restless and agitated showing some mild confusion. Her physiological measurements are Temp 38.4 Heart Rate 100Bpm Resp Rate 22 Systolic BP 90?

Sounds like she might be dehydrated to me.

What is the comparative and superlative of restless?

more restless, most restless

Restless a verb and an adjective?

Restless is an adjective. Restless is not a verb.

Is there an adjective for worried or being confused?

Worried: Distressed, dismayed, agitated, fretting, anxious, troubled, uneasy, disquieted, restless, nervous, apprehensiveConfused: confounded, out of sorts, perplexed, unclear, foggy, baffled, bewildered, mystified, stupifiedIf you are worried *about* becoming confused, you would be apprehensive