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The subconcious "mind" is made up of the thoughts that you don't know you're thinking. It's usually where instinct comes from.. when you drop something, and your hand reaches out to catch it before your concious thoughts realize that you need to catch it, that's your subconcious helping out...

But I think concious mind and sub-concious mind is physical existed in our left side of head. In which 75% part is sub-concious mind and 25% is concious mind. Through that mind we do our daily routine works. We call our these minds - Chetan Mann (Concious Mind) and Avchetan Mann (Sub concious mind).

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The subconscious mind is considered to be that aspect of our mind that does not sleep when the body sleeps. Therefore it dreams. How do you control it? By realizing that the mind is an illusion, it does not exist. You can find your nose, your eyes, your ears and you can see a picture of your heart and brain but have you ever seen a picture of the mind? The mind is just a bundle of thoughts and these thoughts don't stop. Our body, our brain, our systems produce thoughts. And these appear to be the mind because of our ignorance. When we realize we are the consciousness, we are the Divine Soul, we are the life energy itself, then that consciousness defeats the presence of the mind. It becomes the observer and the witness and we are able to take care both of our conscious mind and slowly and steadily, our subconscious mind.

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Concentrate and try to control the energy that’s in your head like a muscle your trying to make stronger

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Q: What is the subconcoius mind and how do you control it?
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