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Socialized health care.

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Q: What kind of health care does Canada have?
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Can people get good health care in Canada?

Canada is considered to have very good health care.

How much does a health care aid earn in Manitoba Canada?

How much does a health care aid earn in Manitoba Canada?

What are health issues of Canada?

Their socialized health care!

How is Canada's health care better than Romania's heath care?

Canada has more money for health and the Romanian people not pay attention to health.

Why is universal health care in Canada controversial Japan has a similar health care system and they are doing fine like Canada?

Health care in Canada is not contrversial and it is working quite well. The only place you will hear controversy surrounding Canada's health care system in the United States where the the president is proposing health care reform.Many who are against any change in the system create horror stories about Canada's system to scare the public.

How do you get free health care?

Move to canada

What does Canada's government provide?

Health Care

Can Americans get health care in Canada?


What did thomas Douglas do for Canada?

bring free health care to Canada

Who has the better health care America or Canada?

amercia has the best health care in the world i would recommend it to anyone

What has the author Odette Madore written?

Odette Madore has written: 'The Canada health and social transfer' -- subject(s): Federal aid to health facilities, Medical care, Medical policy 'L' enseignement postsecondaire' 'Private health care funding and delivery under the Canada Health Act' -- subject(s): Finance, Health Insurance, Law and legislation, Medical care, Self-insurance 'The health care system in Canada'

Why is Canada so great?

cause it has free health care!