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In moderation, alcohol contributes to better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it. Abusing alcohol can have undesirable effects on the body.

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2011-12-30 18:24:55
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Q: How alcohol acts on the body?
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Related questions

Alcohol acts in what kind of way to affect the body?

it acts i such a way that makes you horney or punchy

Why does alcohol affect the muscular response?

Alcohol acts as a depressant. That is, it slows the functioning of the body, including muscular response.

Alcohol is a colorless odorless volatile pungent that acts as a?

Depressant to the human body.

Alcohol acts as a what stimulant depressant hallucinogenic or LSD?

Alcohol acts as a depressant

Why do you get dehydrated after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol acts as a diuretic in the body - causing you to loose more fluid through the kidneys than you normally would - hence it is dehydrating.

Why does alcohol dries fater than water acted on th surface of a body?

Alcohol dries faster than water because it acts as a drying agent. The chemical component for alcohol is what makes it a drying agent on a persons body as well as other materials.

Aspirin do not change the way alcohol acts on people?

the answer is that yes it dose change the way alcohol acts on people ppl are stupied if u do take pills with alcohol.

How does our lifestyle affect the nervous system?

Drinking alcohol can slow down sending of messages, which leads to different ways on how your body acts.

How do you detoxify the body of alcohol?

There is no need to "detoxify" the body of alcohol. Alcohol metabolizes very quickly.

Does alcohol acts as a depressant?

Simply put Yes.

Why alcohol is not good for your body?

Alcohol is good for the body if consumed in moderation.

Where does alcohol metabolism begin in the body?

alcohol is metabolized by the liver. this is the only site of the body where metabolism of alcohol can occur.

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