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Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

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Q: Does alcohol affect every system in the body?
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Do steroids affect only the circulatory system?

Steroid affect every system in the body. For instance, they affect the immune system by decreasing inflammation, the reproductive system by changing the balance of hormones, and the stomach by affecting its lining.

Does alcohol affect the metabolic process?

Alcohol has no affect on metabolism; metabolism breaks alcohol down in the body.

Does alcohol affect your body?


What is the first thing alcohal affects?

Alcohol can affect a few things. Alcohol can affect the mind, body and thinking.

Which muscle on the body does alcohol affect first?

The tongue.

Does alcohol effect the pons?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

Does body weight matter in how long alcohol stays in the system?

No, but your metabolic rate will. What body weight does is affect the amount of alcohol you need to drink to get drunk--which is one of the reasons you don't go shot-for-shot with someone twice as big as you.

Why does alcohol affect all parts of your body?

Because alcohol travels wherever the blood does.

What system of your body does alcohol affect?

If you have enough alcohol (it doesn't take much) it will affect your brain. Each person has a different amount of alcohol that will bring you to the level that will induce all these symptoms. This is called DUI if you are driving, DRUNKENESS or ALCOHOL TOXICITY. Also affects LIVER, heart rate, muscles so that erectile disfunction can occur, inability to stand or walk in a straight line, slurred speach, fuzzy thinking, difficulty in making decisions, loss of inhibitions. There is another level of alcohol toxicity where that much will cause you to pass out even while you are driving. Many people will vomit. If they vomit while they are unconscious it is possible to choke to death as did Tommy Dorsey.The last level is enough to cause you to stop breathing and that causes DEATH. If you are able to sleep off a drunken stupor you are probably going to wake up with a hangover which consists of a severe throbbing headache. Let me know when you intend to drive after drinking. I want to get off the road.Alcohol addiction is very common. It destroys families. Very difficult to overcome but not impossible.Good Luck.

What part of your body alcohol does not affects?

alcohol affects every organ in your body; that's if you have too much.

What does alcohol effect in your body?

alcohol effects your immune system and your liver.

How long does alcohol take to affect the body?

Generally, there is some affect within the hour.