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alcohol effects your immune system and your liver.

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Q: What does alcohol effect in your body?
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Does alcohol effect the pons?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

What effect does wood alcohol on the human body?

It is highly toxic to the human body.

The effect too much alcohol have on your body?

what effects can happen from alcohol abuse after several years?

The effect of alcohol in the body?

lowers the temperature lowers the temperature

Which on of the following is a long term effect of alcohol on the body?


Why does alcohol have a quick effect on the body?

Because it enters the bloodstream quickly.

How does alcohol effect body while boating?

The same as while not boating.

How does drinking effect the human body?

Alcohol affects the cerebellum which leads to loss of body balance.

How does alcohol effect the human body systems?

well its a long time until it affects your body ex. it will end up leading to alcohol poisoning

How does alcohol effect the human body?

If consumed regularly and in moderation, alcohol improves health and increases longevity. If abused, alcohol can have negative effects.

Which of the following systems does alcohol have the most immediate effect on in the human body?

The central nervous system is the system in the human body that alcohol has the most immediate effect on. Alcohol affects neurotransmitter function, leading to changes in mood, behavior, and cognitive function.

The water that is pulled out of the body due to alcohol's diuretic effect is from?

Cerebrospinal fluid