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Alcohol is good for the body if consumed in moderation.

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Q: Why alcohol is not good for your body?
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Why is having no alcohol in your body good?

Alcohol is bad for our health, especially for heart and lung.

What type of alcohol beverage is good for a diabetic?

None! Alcohol temporarily turns into sugar as your body processes it and sugar is bad for diabetics.

How do you detoxify the body of alcohol?

There is no need to "detoxify" the body of alcohol. Alcohol metabolizes very quickly.

How does alcohol affect your body in the long run?

It feels good for a while and then kills you eventually.

Is alcohol addiction internal or external?

our body is need the alcohol but out of 100 percent need is 20 percent,..too much alcohol is not good coz the blood of your body going high,.then if high caused high blood pressure,..

Is alchohol good for the body?

Consumed in moderation, alcohol promotes better health and longer life than either abstaining from alcohol or abusing it.

Is it good to drink tea after alcohol?

Tea will keep the body hydrated after drinking alcohol, which is a key way of drinking safely and avoiding a hangover. However, tea also is naturally caffeinated, which is not always the best mix with alcohol. Tea is good to drink after alcohol in moderation.

How does alcohol affect the human body?

Consumed in moderation, alcohol contributes to good health and greater longevity than does either abstaining or abusing alcohol. Alcohol abuse can have very bad safety and health consequences.

Where does alcohol metabolism begin in the body?

alcohol is metabolized by the liver. this is the only site of the body where metabolism of alcohol can occur.

How is alcohol detoxified in the body?

Alcohol is only removed or detoxified from the body by time. About one ounce of alcohol takes about one hour to be removed from the body.

Is rum good for your body?

Extensive scientific research has shown that a small amount of any alcohol (including rum) is good for your body. If too much of any alcohol is consumed or you are underage the alcohol will have a bad and possibly fatal affect on your body. It has also been proven that over a period of time of drinking alcohol the brain functions worse than someone's who has not consumed alcohol. This affect is enhanced if you are underage. As long as you take caution I would not worry about drinking rum.

Which parts of the body are affected by drinking alcohol?

Alcohol enters most parts of the body.

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