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A "good" pulse rate would probably mean a normal pulse rate. For an adult human, your pulse should normally be between 60 and 100. This rate will be lower when sleeping at times, and higher after exercise, or during excitement of some type.

However, different medical conditions, drugs, and genetics can change what your normal pulse rate should be. See your doctor for their unique interpretation for you and what your normal range should be.

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the times your heart beats during a one minute period.

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That their are no holes anywhere,- where blood may be leeking out of or into the body, or that the heart is strong and in good condition.

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Q: What does having a good pulse rate mean?
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Does your pulse rate increase when you're asleep?

No, your pulse rate usually goes down when you are sleeping, but it could vary to a higher rate if you are having a nightmare.

What is a good pulse rate and a bad pulse rate?

A normal pulse is anywhere from 60-100 bpm so if your on the lower end id say its good and the higher end not as good

Is a pulse rate of 97 good?


What is the danger in having a very high resting pulse rate?


Do scary movies affect your pulse rate?

Yes they do. THey do that because your nervous and your body's reaction is having your pulse go faster.

Can you have arithmia when your pulse rate is high?

Why do you have your pulse rate taken? Why do you have your pulse rate taken?

How are your breathing rate and pulse rate related?

The breathing rate and pulse rate are related proportionally. If the breathing rate increases, so does the pulse rate. The pulse rate is an indication of the breathing rate.

What is the difference between exercise and pulse rate?

the difference is that in excersize u wrk ur whole body with ekuipment and the other u get a pulse rate in having sex also

What is one pulse one?

If by pulse you mean heart rate, it is measured in number of beats per minute.

The pulse rate is equal to?

the pulse rate is usually equal to the heart rate

Can a high pulse rate cause headaches?

no the thing is when we are affected to headache our pulse beat in our head increases. when you are having an headache just touch your veins in you head you can feel the increas of pulse .