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Q: What type of volcano is medicine lake?
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Where is Medicine Lake?

* There is the City of Medicine Lake, MN. * There is the Medicine Lakie volcano in CA. * There is the lake of that name in Alberta. * There is a lake of that name on the edge of new hope Minnesota.

What is the elevation of Medicine Lake CA the Volcano?


What is the nearest cities to Medicine Lake volcano?

Anthony m

What type of volcano is Lake Rotorua?

crater lake....

What type of rocks are in the clear lake volcano?

The type of rocks that are in the Clear Lake Volcano are molten rocks. Its primary volcano type is volcanic field. There is no evidence of the last eruption.

What is the nearest city next to medicine lake volcano?

Anthony m

What makes a volcano a shield volcano?

lava that pours out of the vent and hardens on previous layers of lava ( Hawaiian islands / medicine lake)

What two plates is medicine lake volcano located on?

Juan de Fuca and North American

What type of volcano is craters of the moon?

Crater lake is in the caldera of a stratovolcano. The island in it, Wizard Island, is a cinder cone.

What is a caladera volcano?

It is a type of volcano ,in which due to the eruption the large upper part of volcano blown out by leaving a huge crater that afterward may turn in to caldera lake .

What famous volcano is surrounded by a lake?

The Taal Volcano in the Philippines is surrounded by a lake.

who type of lake is formed volcanic activities?

Crater lake fiorm because when a volcano is completely destroyed it goes down and fills in to