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Why do you have your pulse rate taken? Why do you have your pulse rate taken?

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Q: Can you have arithmia when your pulse rate is high?
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Is 109 a high pulse rate for a women?

Is 109 a high pulse rate for 43 yr old women

What is the pulse rate of 4 year old after salbatumol?

The pulse rate will be high around 80 to 100.

Is it normal to have normal blood pressure and a high pulse rate?

By definition it wouldn't be "normal" to have a high pulse rate. If it was, it wouldn't be called high. But the pulse can be high for several reasons, nervousness, exertion, fighting off a cold...

What is considered a high pulse rate for a woman in her mid 30s of average height and weight?

Pulse rate above one hundred blood pulse rate is considered to be high blood pulse rate for women of all ages. Keeping blood pressure stable can prevent other health issues from occurring.

How will you know if my heart rate is high?

Feel your pulse.

What is the relation between hemoglobin count and pulse rate?

There is relationship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count because as per your blood sensitivity you got your pulse rate high and low so this is true that there is relation ship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count.

Meaning Of A High Pulse Rate?

If you have ever felt that your pulse was too high for the occasion or situation, then you may have wondered what this could mean. Usually, you hear about a high pulse rate on TV and it sounds like a symptom of something very wrong. There is truth to this. While a high pulse rate is normal for physical exertion, you should not experience a high pulse rate when you are trying to relax or get to sleep. However, in order to understand how to react to this situation, you must know how high a pulse must be in order to be classified as high.What Is a High Pulse Rate?A normal pulse rate is somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute (BPM) in a state of rest. When you sleep, your heart rate should actually fall even lower than that, to about 40 BPM. Anything above 100 BPM is usually referred to as tachycardia.What Causes a High Pulse RateThis high pulse rate can be caused by many different factors once physical exertion has been ruled out. Some of these causes are not very serious as far as the health of your heart is concerned. For instance, a heavy meal can cause your heart rate to temporarily exceed its normal rate of pulse. Emotional stress can do the same. Stimulating substances and medications can also cause your heart rate to increase temporarily.Just because the alteration ion your pulse rate is temporary does not mean that it is not serious. Over-stimulating the heart on a regular basis can have negative consequences. However, you should not add any extra emotional stress to your heart by misinterpreting these events as something more serious. There are also serious and dangerous causes to high pulse rate. Heart disease, thyroid malfunction and emphysema can all cause your pulse to reach abnormally high levels. If you experience high pulse rate and cannot see why it might be happening, you should contact a physician and explain what has happened to you.

If your pulse goes to 112 can it cause damage?

A pulse rate of 112 will not normally cause any damage. In fact, it is normal for your heart rate to be this high during light exercise. The normal pulse range is about 60-100, so 112 is not high for most people.However, if your pulse is normally lower, and your pulse rate being 112 is a change for you, see your doctor.

What effect will a allergic reaction have on blood pressure and pulse?

high blood pressure and low pulse rate

Is there effect high pulse in pregnancy?

i am 23 weeks pregnent and my pulse rate is more than 110 what is the effect of this

What determines if an individual has high fitness?

Low resting pulse rate.

What is the danger in having a very high resting pulse rate?