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At least you had the common sense to ask this question. Yes, it's crass to tell her that. Tell her she has a nice figure instead of a nice butt. It's all in the way you put the words together boyo so pay attention. WHEN IN DOUBT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


say nice Tit's Instead.

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Q: Is it bad to tell a girl she has a nice butt?
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Is Selena a nice girl?

she's in the middle of nice and bad but i can live with that

Is it bad to tell a girl she's beautiful even if you don't know her very well?

not unless you go all creeper on her if you just tell her she is beautiful then that's a nice compliment :)

Is Emily osment bad?

No. She's a nice girl.

How do you deal with a mean girl?

No you don't ' murder ' her, that's bad. Tell your parents, tell a teacher, talk to her and tell her that she;s being mean and if somebody was bullying her then she'd feel bad too or just be mean back or try being a little nice

What does a girl mean when she says that you are not bad?

When a girl says that you not bad means that she thinks you are a nice person. This could also mean that she likes you.

What does it mean when a girl tells you to look at her ass?

in my opinion if she does asks you that if you like the girl then you should tell her she has a nice ass even if your lying because if you dont tell her that and say it looks bad or insult her over it then girls can get very offended if a lad insults her about her body.

What are the goods and bads of telling a girl that is a friend that she is cute?

Good: She will be extremely happy with receiving a compliment! it will make her happy, and you obviously care about this girl so it is a nice thing to make people you care for feel happy =] Bad: There is no bad!! honesty is the best policy, if you think someone is cute tell them! if you like someone tell them! Good luck :P

If a girl you just met asks you that you might seem to nice and you say no then she says are u bad and you say im nice but not to nice is this a bad sign?

no its not shes just trying to get to know you cause she might like you

How do you relieve a dog from dragging his butt?

you tell him to heel and say bad dog and use a scooter if need be or a wagon

How can you tell when a ghost is bad?

You have to wait and watch if, they seem nice check again to be sure.

Is brown noser a bad word?

Not nice. But it means a person who acts nice to someone to get something. They are up their "butt" so to speak.

Why did this girl you like give you a paper card?

That means she likes you or hates you! read the card and see, is the words nice or bad? If nice she likes you.