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Tell him he has nice smile.

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Q: What do you text a guy to make him smile?
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How do you make a guy you like laugh or smile?

you make a guy laugh or smile that you like by making a joke or basically being funny

How do you make a guy smile?

Be funny, Be yourself, tell some jokes, smile alot yourself :) He will smile :)

What to say back when a guy says you make me smile?

Say Good I love/like your smile:)

What does it mean if a guy says to you you make him smile and he loves a girl who can make him smile and that's why he loves you?

it means a girl that shares his sense of humor

How do you get a guy to like you if your shy?

just give him a nice smile and make him make a move

Something cute to say to a guy to make him smile at you?

Call him cute...

When a guy talks to a girl will it make her feel better if you make her smile?

Laughter is a great, great great way into a person's heart...make someone smile and you will soon win their heart. that depends on the smile...

Why does a guy stare at a girl and make eye contact but not speak or smile at her?

he likes the girl. He is too embarrassed to smile or speak to her :-)

How to get a guy in the 6 grade to like you?

All you have to do is make eye contact and smile

What sacred text an angel mention?

this is how you make an angel text smiley face 0:) 0 = the halo : = the eyes ) = the smile i hope this is what you mean.

How do you make a guy notice you without talking to him?

just make lotz of i contact smile and remember to be yourself

How do you make a guy like you again?

Flirt Around with him.. & everyone!(: && Smile && Talk&& Wink(;

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