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In order to prevent cookie dough from tasting too salty, one may try cutting the amount of salt added. If salted margarine or butter is used, additional salt is often unnecessary.

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Q: How do you fix too much salt in cookie dough?
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How do you fix ruined cookie dough?

you throw it away and make more!

How do you fix chocolate chip cookie dough that is too buttery?

you put less butter in it.

How do you fix adding no flour in cookie dough?

You can fix this by probably injecting some solution like water butter etc

My cookie turns out flat. how to fix the dough?

Cookies are usually pretty flat, but if your cookie just spreads out and hardens, then you either have too much liquid, not enough baking soda, or not enough eggs. For me the first is usually true.

How do you fix it when you put to much butter in your cookie mix?

add just as much more of the other ingredients to even it out

How do you fix food that you used too much salt?

Add potatoes to it. They will absorb the excess salt.

How can you fix pizza dough if you added to much water?

start by adding a few sprinkles of flour and work the dough away from the sides of the bowl when it comes together and forms a ball it is at the right consistency

How do you moisten dry peanut butter cookie dough?

You may add an egg or a couple tablespoons of milk. In a typical chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie (or similar), milk will produce a flatter, crisper cookie, and egg will produce a puffier cookie. If you want to get fancy, heavy cream or créme anglais works as well. In lemon or orange cookies, you could add lemon or orange juice.

How do you fix to much salt in cookies after they are baked?

you cant? they are already baked then there is absolutly nothing you can do about it

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How Do you fix the cookie machine in riddle school?

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